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In today's fiercely competitive market, branding is everything. How you represent yourself and your cuisine to potential customers can make all the difference. Standout branding leaves a lasting impact that draws crowds in and keeps them returning for more.

While you might have solid marketing tactics for your existing business, launching a ghost kitchen restaurant is an entirely new playing field. Virtual kitchens cater to on-the-go diners with unique needs and expectations. Your new virtual restaurant brand requires careful optimization for online delivery and pick-up. That means a sleek new concept ready to capture a broader audience hungry for some fantastic food.

At Forward Kitchens, we know how much a virtual restaurant's branding can make or break its success. That's why we leave no stone unturned and take the reins on developing a brand that will appeal to the masses. We handle every step of the process, bringing new concepts to life while using your existing kitchen and resources. Whether you want to start a single new virtual restaurant or reach as many delivery diners in your area as possible with several, we can make it happen. Let Forward Kitchens create new brands from the ground up to drive business and boost your bottom line.

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Logo Design

We start by building the foundation of your brand image: A top-quality logo. Your logo is what gives your new ghost kitchen brand life and personality. More than just a simple piece of art, logos are the most identifiable part of your new venture, and a good design will be instantly recognizable. Think of all the heavy-hitters in the restaurant industry. While marketing campaigns, menus, and styling change, logos are forever!

Grow your business on all channels with a credible and consistent brand. Logos play a pivotal role in everything from marketing to packaging. Display your logo on your website, use it on social media, and print it on promotional items. The more people see it, the stronger its impact becomes. Think of your logo as the tie that binds all your marketing endeavors together.

Every logo is unique and should tell a story that helps build brand awareness. A random piece of clipart won't cut it. Your logo needs to represent your ghost kitchen restaurant to a tee, giving potential diners a glimpse of everything you have to offer.

Your logo needs to reflect your brand's story at a glance. Share your style preferences and brand values to create a memorable logo that stands out. Define your look and feel, and the designers at Forward Kitchens will do the rest. You want your clients to spot your brand and have confidence in your operations. We know how to make a logo that stands out while representing your unique place in the busy restaurant market. Whether bold and in your face or subtle and sophisticated, your logo tells the story.

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packaged Bruxel vegan liege waffles on a table

Aesthetic Packaging

When done correctly and creatively, your food's packaging is what can ultimately sell your product. While the quality of your meals and service are critical, your packaging is what convinces diners to give your virtual restaurant a shot at all. It's more than just putting your logo on a simple container or developing a unique label or sticker. Packaging is about the overall experience! Creating a memorable experience with top-notch packaging is more important than ever for a brand that focuses entirely on online delivery and pick-ups. Next to advertising and the ordering platform, it's the only direct interaction customers have with your restaurant. Every touchpoint counts, and your packaging is the one that's bound to impress the most.

It draws attention, sends a clear message, and can control how consumers feel. Good packaging dictates the mood, setting the stage for a fantastic meal. First impressions may not seem like a huge deal, but they last. It takes consumers as little as 3 seconds to form an opinion about a product or service. Packaging is one of your brand's first physical touchpoints, so it's not something you want to gloss over or take lightly.

Packaging involves reaching potential customers at the point of purchase. It's that brief moment when they're considering whether to buy your product or, perhaps, comparing it to others. Your message must be clear and straightforward, much like the statements you see. Packaging replaces the experience of entering a storefront. It's the only chance you have to create the first tangible, tactile experience surrounding your product. So why not give it your all and make an impression that sticks?

Restaurant Photography

We live in an image-focused world. From massive physical billboards to clever social media campaigns, it revolves around fantastic imagery. If you want your ghost kitchen restaurant to hit the ground running, start with a killer portfolio of photos to use in your branding and packaging.

Next to your logo, good photography will be the element that defines your brand. When there's no physical storefront to speak of, customers need some peace of mind in what they're ordering. They want to see what your meals look like and what they can expect to get after placing an order.

Inspiring photography makes a difference. We're not talking about quick candid shots anyone can throw together with a smartphone. To create the best first impression, carefully composed images that put your meals at the forefront are a must. Perfect lighting, unique setups, and an overall photo style representing your brand will take your virtual restaurant to new heights.

Custom Online Menu Creation

A new restaurant brand is only as good as the menu it offers. The unique thing about starting a ghost kitchen restaurant is that your menu will revolve around a distinct dining concept that utilizes your existing resources. There's no need to start from scratch or invest in new equipment to revamp your kitchen. Use what you have, tweak existing dishes to fit the brand, and do what you do best!

Create a unique online menu instantly. It only takes a few minutes, and customizing it to fit your brand is a breeze. Showcase your items in the best light possible and present them in a way that captures viewers. Use your menu to convince hungry diners that your meals are a must-order.

Website Design

No modern virtual restaurant is complete without a beautiful website that provides a memorable ordering experience. Your new brand doesn't have a physical storefront. As a result, your website's design and intuitiveness are more crucial than ever! Your website is one of the only ways customers interact with your ghost kitchen restaurant, so it must pack a punch. You wouldn't expect diners to accept a disorganized mess at your brick-and-mortar restaurant, so why expect that from a virtual experience?

With Forward Kitchens, you can create better websites with mobile-responsive templates, seamless drag & drop functionality, and unlimited customization. Bring your ideas to life and create the perfect digital space to represent your brand. Let your website speak for you.

SEO and Marketing

What good is a carefully thought-out and executed brand if no one sees it? When you start a virtual restaurant, you have many challenges to overcome. The biggest is visibility. With no physical restaurant to drive by and notice, you must work harder than ever to draw in customers. That's where marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) come in.

At Forward Kitchens, we help you create a robust online presence that diners can't ignore. Through clever marketing campaigns and focused content that works with search engines, we can generate organic traffic that keeps the orders rolling in. Pair that with solid visibility on ordering apps and localized searches, and you'll have a loyal following in no time!

Tailored to Your Individual Location

Delivery service and take-out orders from your virtual restaurant need a strong marketing campaign that targets diners in your local area. A broad impact that goes beyond your service radius is useless. So why spend the advertising resources casting a wider net? At Forward Kitchens, we tailor campaigns to diners you can realistically serve.

Targeting allows your ads to appear in the geographic locations that you choose. That could be a defined part of your city, a radius around your kitchen, multiple nearby locations, or entire metropolitan areas. Whatever the case, the goal of targeted advertising is to grasp the attention of viewers who matter.

Create Your Virtual Kitchen Brand with Forward Kitchens Today!

Ready to take your restaurant business to new heights? Whether you call it a virtual kitchen, a ghost restaurant, or an intelligent food brand, the concept is the same. These online businesses function entirely online. Start new restaurant concepts and appeal to a broader audience than your existing business can serve.

Focus on those on-the-go diners to maximize profits while minimizing expenses. Let your diners happily order from anywhere. As long as the food is good, you have what you need to see success. Reach out to Forward Kitchens today to get started!

Professional Photography

Packaging involves reaching potential customers at the point of purchase; that brief moment when they’re considering whether to buy your product or perhaps comparing it to others. Your message must be clear and simple, much like the statements you see. Packaging replaces the experience of entering a storefront. It’s the only chance you have to create the first tangible, tactile experience surrounding your product.

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Custom online
menu creation

Create your own and unique online menu instantly. Get started in minutes. Customize it to fit your brand and your food and drink options. Showcase your items in a way that captures viewers.


Create better websites with mobile-responsive templates, seamless drag & drop and unlimited customization. Have your ideas come to life. Allow your website to speak for you.

SEO and

Generating leads and video production sales through online website forms helping clients find us via target local and international SEO services. Increase traffic seamlessly.

Tailored to Your individual Location

Targeting allows your ads to appear in the geographic locations that you choose: countries, areas within a country, a radius around a location, or location groups. Grasp the attention of viewers.

Create Your Virtual Kitchen Brand with Forward Kitchens Today!

Call it a smart, virtual or ghost kitchen – these are entirely online businesses, with no front-of-house staff or dining options. Happily order from anywhere – so long as the food is good.

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