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Forward Kitchens is changing the way restaurants do business in an ever-connected world. Harnessing the power of technology, Forward Kitchens helps restaurants expand their customer base, streamline their operations, and reach their full profit potential. All this happens with minimal upfront capital and no significant change to capacity.

Gone are the days of taking major risks and investing in additional locations. With Forward Kitchens, restaurants can go digital and appeal to an entirely new audience of hungry customers looking for the next incredible culinary trend. It's a modern form of business expansion that can create substantial growth without the headache of managing multiple properties.

With a completely turnkey solution, restaurant owners can set up an online presence and establish brand-new virtual restaurants with all-digital storefronts. These brands fulfill local demand and fuel innovation, paving the way for unique concepts that broaden a restaurant's reach without unnecessary risks.

person holding phone looking at a restaurant’s online ordering app

Virtual storefronts from Forward Kitchens can streamline delivery operations, helping restaurants tap into an evolving market that shows no signs of slowing down. It increases profits across the board and spurs continued success for restaurants big and small.

But don't take our word for it. Forward Kitchens has already helped numerous restaurant owners achieve exciting new levels of success.

More storefronts. More orders. More efficiency.

More storefronts. More orders. More efficiency.

More storefronts. More orders. More efficiency.

More storefronts. More orders. More efficiency.

49 square catering

Mark reached out to us when the pandemic first started in March 2020. 49 Square Catering was one of the largest caterers in the Bay Area when he approached us. As COVID took over the world and shut down businesses, catering came to a standstill. Mark had the kitchen, the staff, and the expertise to cook world-class food, but Mark did not know how to succeed on delivery or online. Forward Kitchens currently powers ten digital storefronts for him through which we have brought him $26,141.17 last week on track for $1.3 million in revenue run rate. Mark tells us that most of his other catering colleagues went bankrupt, but because of Forward Kitchens Mark has been able to keep his lights open.

 crackers topped with salmon on a bed of spinach

You saved my business from the pandemic - I really appreciate and am thankful to you guys. Without Forward Kitchens we would've been out of business long ago.

food truck menu items

Business and execution with Forward Kitchens has been incredible. They are 40-45% of our total sales, and it's only increasing week over week.

KO SISters seoul food

Sandy and her brother opened their food truck, KO Sisters Seoul Food, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in May 2020. They had watched how the food truck movement became more and more popular in Portland, and decided to take a leap of faith to start the business during unprecedented times. With a newly built food truck and Sandy's expertise in the kitchen, the only thing missing was the know-how on how to succeed in delivery and online. Forward Kitchens currently powers a single digital storefront for KO Sisters Seoul Food which has brought them on track for $100,000 in revenue run rate. Business has been going so well that the siblings are opening a second location in mid-November. The new location will be also powered by Forward Kitchens on opening day.


R'jabs wings is a two-location minority-owned business outside Atlanta, Georgia. When they became interested in virtual restaurants they connected with Forward Kitchens with some skepticism about the concept. Within just two weeks they had launched 3 virtual brands at their flagship location and were selling more than double the delivery orders than with just their Physical brand. They added 3 virtual brands at their second location shortly after and now across their business 6-7 out of every 10 orders they get are from their virtual brands.

chicken wings with ranch

I had heard other restaurant owners have some success with virtual brands but the volume of orders Forward Kitchens brought us far exceeded the results the owners I know have had.

burger with fries

Forward Kitchens helped me hit my daily target goals and eliminate downtime in the kitchen due to the COVID pandemic. I would recommend the company to any restaurant.

halal zburger

Hana comes from a family that has a history of running Ethiopian restaurants. She began her restaurant business when she was introduced to the owner of the DC-based Zburger chain, Peter, a year ago during the COVID pandemic. She was quickly drawn at the quality of the food that was being served and saw an opportunity to capitalize on the restaurant. She currently runs three virtual storefronts and is looking forward to exploring more. One word to describe Forward Kitchens: "Fantastic!"

india flame

India's Flame is a multi-generation family run restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona owned and operated by the Pabla family. When COVID-19 hit, the restaurant saw a drastic decrease in orders. Param and Sona stepped in for their parents, and began to think about how to adapt to the quickly changing restaurant industry. They had thought about trying to run their own virtual brand but had no knowledge on how to go about doing so. Forward Kitchens powers two digital storefronts for the Pabla Family at India's Flame, often placing in Uber Eats Top Eats. Business is now so busy they are looking to expand their physical kitchen to bring on additional digital storefronts with Forward Kitchens.

Indian food with rice

With Forward Kitchens, we honestly get too busy at times! The order volume hits ridiculously high numbers. We are very thankful for our partnership with them

veggie pizza on a table

Everything from business and customer service with Forward Kitchens is unmatched. I'm very happy that I decided to partner with your team. One word to describe Forward Kitchens: "Amazing"

babaz grill

Musab started his business when a close friend from Michigan encouraged him to start his own restaurant four years ago. When he began his virtual restaurants with Forward Kitchens, he was skeptical at the volume of orders he would receive due to experience working with other companies with a similar service. Within the first week of launching his first three virtual restaurants with Forward Kitchens, they outperformed all virtual concepts he is currently running. Now, 85% of the delivery orders Musab receives are from Forward Kitchens virtual brands.

leo’s coney island hoover

Leo's Coney Island is a franchise focusing on making bar food to keep things quick and simple. With over 70 different locations across the country, the Hoover Road location in Warren, Michigan sought new ways to bring in more revenue streams for their company. They looked to different companies to drive sales such but none have been as impactful or as responsive as Forward Kitchens.

Since launching multiple brands with Forward Kitchens, the Leo's Coney Island team was overwhelmed with the success and the volume of orders they had received especially with cuisines they had never worked with before such as Vegan Burgers. Without Forward Kitchens, they would lose about a quarter of their current revenues. They would definitely recommend Forward Kitchens to other restaurants and even other Leo's Coney Island franchises.

two gyros sandwiches

Being with Forward Kitchens is like a true partnership, we are always growing together.

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Those are just a handful of examples that show what Forward Kitchens can do. The concept of ghost kitchens and virtual restaurants is still relatively new, but Forward Kitchens knows how to take full advantage of its possibilities.

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