Becoming a UberEats Restaurant Partner

UberEATS is a delivery platform that allows a restaurant to
offer delivery on its platform to increase its online delivery
sales. UberEATS has been operating as a delivery platform
for 8 years now and has tens of thousands of restaurants
already signed up. We can help connect you with UberEATS
to streamline the process and take care of everything from
signing up, receiving orders, building the menu, and getting

Get Started
person wearing an Uber Eats delivery backpack next to a scooter

How does it work?

Getting  Started

SIgn up with UberEATS on and fill out the form to get your restaurant on the platform or alternatively contact us and we can handle the full sign up process from start to finish.

Install Tablet

Receive a tablet from UberEATS
through which you will receive your
orders. Or, you can sign up for a tablet
consolidation app that combines all
delivery platforms under a single tablet.
We can set this up for you.

Optimize Operations

Train your kitchen and staff to prepare
food quickly to lower delivery times.
Faster deliveries will lead to you ranking
higher on UberEATS. Wed be happy to
help and advise you on how to optimizeyour kitchen. 

Sign Up and
Get Started

Once you sign upon UberEATS, it is important you optimize your food costs, and kitchen efficiency to make sure delivery is profitable for your business. By adding a delivery stream, you help pay for your fixed costs like rent, electricity, and potentially labor. Make sure to use the UberEATS restaurant manager tool well to handle cancellations, reviews, menu, and hours. If you need any help, our team can handle everything from signing up to handling refunds and cancellations for your store.

How to Beat the

World class branding, packaging, and menus which impress your customers will help you get better ratings and improve your ranking on UberEATS.

Lower your prep times so that orders you have faster delivery times. Lower delivery time are crucial in ranking higher on UberEATS.

Offer a promotion to encourage first time customers to try your restaurants. This attracts new customers who will repeat order if they are happy.

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