What is a virtual restaurant?

A virtual restaurant is a delivery-focused concept that operates out of your existing kitchen. It’s a separate menu and brand that is available online for customers to order on delivery.

Many restaurant owners are now launching virtual restaurants to utilize slack capacity, get more delivery orders and expand customer reach.

Get more orders with no risk and no extra cost

Delivery is the fastest growing segment in the restaurant industry and over time delivery will be larger than in store sales. It is no longer enough to only rely on in store sales. Restaurants must adapt to the delivery world to succeed.

You currently operate your own restaurant out of your kitchen and sell on all the different delivery apps.
Existing kitchen
Your brand
We will create specialized brands from your existing kitchen to bring you even more orders and reach out to more customers.
Existing kitchen
New brand
Your brand
New Brand
Average order size
Number of orders per day
Ingredients cost
Third party delivery fee
Extra income per year

See your restaurant bring in even more delivery orders

Increase your revenue! Restaurants generally increase their sales by over 50% when they launch a virtual restaurant. By creating a new specialized concept for your region, you can reach out to even more customers.

The best part is that there is no risk for doing this. You will be using your existing staff, kitchen, and equipment so no extra investment required.

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Why Forward Kitchens?

Forward Kitchens specializes in creating successful virtual restaurants based on data science, marketing, and technology solutions. The team understands how to become successful in the delivery world.