Combine All of Your Restaurant Delivery Apps Into One Tablet

Delivery is the way of the future for restaurants. While brick-and-mortar dining isn't going anywhere, you can't ignore the shift towards online delivery and pick-up. The rise of third-party delivery apps like UberEats, GrubHub, DoorDash, Postmates, and more have made it easier for diners to easily get the food they want. Pair that with the convenience of ordering online or through a smartphone app, and getting high-quality food quickly and efficiently is a breeze.

But there's one glaring problem for restaurants wanting to take advantage of that exposure and business: Juggling orders from multiple third-party apps can be a logistical nightmare! The challenge becomes even greater if you have several ghost kitchens and virtual restaurants offering unique menu concepts. But fear not: Forward Kitchens is here for your restaurant business.

Forward Kitchens can provide tablet integrations to streamline your operations and make fulfilling orders more efficient than ever. Say goodbye to misplaced orders, lost business, and angry customers. Instead, you can push your brand's potential even further while tapping into a burgeoning market of on-the-go diners.

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Consolidate All of Your Orders and Menus on a Single Device

There are plenty of benefits to having menus and accepting orders on third-party delivery apps. With how prevalent these apps are, it's a no-brainer. Any restaurant business wanting to tap into a lucrative market will use those platforms to their advantage. They can provide exposure while making it more convenient for hungry diners to place orders and learn about what you have to offer. On top of all that, there's ample room for creativity as you open new virtual restaurant brands.

Unfortunately, the hassle of working with multiple platforms is enough for some restaurants to avoid third-party apps altogether. Traditionally, the only way to utilize these apps is to have dedicated tablets for managing every order stream. That means having more than one tablet floating around your kitchen between back-of-house staff. It's not hard to see how things get lost in the mix.

Fortunately, that problem is a thing of the past with Forward Kitchens. We can consolidate every order onto a single device. That means no more jumping between apps, remembering what goes where, and figuring out what diners pay. All that information is available from one centralized location. It streamlines your operations and ensures that every order gets fulfilled quickly and efficiently. You can accept orders, manage your menu items, and more from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Grow Your Business Across All Apps

If you're not on all delivery platforms, you're missing out on a potentially lucrative stream of revenue and new orders. It's not hard to see why restaurants are hesitant to jump on the delivery app bandwagon. But a reliable delivery service is essential if you want to succeed in today's competitive market. And you can't be on just one app. There are several platforms, and each one has a decent market share. The best way to maximize revenue and grow your business is to be on them all!

Forward Kitchens makes that easy. Expand your delivery business and use these apps to broaden your horizons. Put your menu on all platforms and consider starting new virtual restaurant brands. A ghost kitchen restaurant is an online-only brand that lives exclusively on these delivery apps. Create unique menu concepts and reach new diners who otherwise wouldn't consider your existing restaurant. Use all the resources you have now, but use delivery apps to create offshoot brands that can increase order volume and boost your bottom line.

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Increase Your Restaurant’s Revenue

The global platform from Forward Kitchens gives you the means to connect with diners and grow your customer base. In addition to accepting orders from multiple third-party delivery apps, you can gain insight into your patrons and learn more about what they're looking for from a delivery-only restaurant brand. Increase brand awareness across the board and fine-tune your offering to leave a lasting impact.

Integrating your business into the delivery app stratosphere makes your food and service available to a much bigger audience. Reach diners you couldn't cater to in the past, and watch your order volume soar. The key to increasing restaurant revenue is to boost availability and accessibility. With Forward Kitchens, you can do just that and experience an increase in sales by as much as 50 percent!

Seamlessly Integrate With Your Current POS System

Your restaurant's point of sale (POS) terminal is the heart of your entire operation. In addition to being the epicenter for all transactions, it's responsible for sending orders to the kitchen. It's an indispensable part of your restaurant's workflow and processes every transaction.

Most establishments already have a tried and true POS system that works. But there's always a stark disconnect when you're using delivery apps. Delivery apps use entirely different technologies, creating logistical and financial confusion between the two. With Forward Kitchens, that's an issue of the past.

The Forward Kitchens dashboard seamlessly integrates with your existing POS system. You can jump into action and continue with business as usual. That means no more adjustment period or confusing transition to new technology. Forward Kitchens helps you save time and lets you keep doing what you do best. Continue to use the POS system you're used to and ditch the delays. The dashboard is easy to set up and hassle-free.Orders from every delivery app you use will go directly to your POS, making it easy for cooks to complete fulfillment without missing a beat.

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restaurant worker using a POS system

Streamline Your Online Orders With Forward Kitchens

With Forward Kitchens, you can reach a new audience, build brand awareness, and increase revenue. List your business and start new virtual restaurants using third-party delivery apps. The Forward Kitchens dashboard eliminates the confusion, integrating those platforms with your POS system for streamlined operation.

Take full advantage of the modern tech available and let hungry diners find you from their favorite smartphone delivery app. Forward Kitchens simplifies expanding your reach and makes managing several delivery platforms more effortless than ever before!

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